Amusement parks in Bangalore

Amusement park Total safety and well-being of our guests is what we give our primary focus on and we largely invest a great amount of our resources into our maintenance and safety procedures. Each and every day, before operations start of the day, all rides and attractions are thoroughly and completely inspected and double checked by our maintenance technicians and operations staff under the guidance of our chief maintenance. In addition to these inspections, we also receive a fitness certificate for each ride and attraction. Our rigorous maintenance efforts are an integral part of our daily safety routine. Each employee who is responsible to operate an attraction at Fun World amusement park has received training in both general safety procedures and specific safety measures of the attraction they operate. The employees have been a part of the organization for many years and have received vagarious training in the field of ride operations. All our rides and attractions are strictly on industry standards. We have our maintenance teams always on the grounds inspects rides throughout the day and if any ride is found to have any problem, the problem is look into immediately and resolved at the earliest depending on the nature of the problem. The issue is generally resolved quickly and guests can enjoy the rides. At Fun World, since the safety of our guests is the main, we always are looking to increase our learning curve when it comes to safety measures through training and innovative technology. The Water Park is designed to have a great and memorable time, as you are going down a slide with the spray of water in your face, but there are some things you should consider as well. Water park safety is an important part of having fun, and your safety is our primary concern. With a wide variety of interesting rides to choose from, it is tempting to run from one ride to another. Please refrain from doing so because the ground is slippery. Also note that every ride has different restrictions and safety requirements. The park is staffed by qualified and certified lifeguards during operating hours. They will be pleased to answer your questions on ride limitations and clarify any doubts you might have on the safety signs. We Know you will enjoy the water only if it is clean and we believe in providing crystal clear, hygienic and fresh water for your enjoyment and we have a team dedicated around the clock to provide you this. Our water runs through filtration, purification and disinfection technology to provide our customers with the best water for their fun. The technology and Machinery we have installed for our water park helps reduces the increased risk of asthma, respiratory problems, skin and eye allergies that are commonly caused in water parks. The water maintenance protocols that we follow not only help us improve water clarity and quality and is an effective safeguard against different water borne diseases. We also have an in house R & D team which constantly is working in creating new and creative attraction which our customers can enjoy. Our team is equipped with the latest technology and machinery like industry best hydraulics. We use our R & D team to also enhance our safety standards by installing the latest seat belts, anti-friction locks and etc. We always believe in walking an extra mile when it comes to safety of our customers.

About Fun World

Fun World made a modest start in the early 90s and right from the beginning we have always kept a step forward when it has come to innovation or giving something new to Bengaluru. What began as a modest started with a small entertainment establishment, today has spread over many acres and we are proud to say that fun world is not only a pioneer entertainment hub in Bengaluru but its today a landmark on the map of Bengaluru.

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