THE ONE EYED CAPTAIN’S CASK Need a place for the family to soak in some water fun? Be of any age the one eyed captain’s cask is one such attraction that a person of any age is assured to enjoy. The bucket will splash over 200 liters of water at one go, so get ready soak yourself in fun.

  • Fun World
  •   Palace Ground
         Opposite – TV Tower, J C Nagar,
         Bengaluru Karnataka 5600060
  •   +91 88616 55993, +91 9035524000
  •   (080) 2354-3286
  • Fun World

About Fun World

Fun World made a modest start in the early 90s and right from the beginning we have always kept a step forward when it has come to innovation or giving something new to Bengaluru. What began as a modest started with a small entertainment establishment, today has spread over many acres and we are proud to say that fun world is not only a pioneer entertainment hub in Bengaluru but its today a landmark on the map of Bengaluru.

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