For your safety and enjoyment at our Park, please carefully read all of the text below. Failure to follow any of the regulations, conditions and instructions set forth below may result in serious injury to yourself or other individuals. Individuals not following Park rules and safety instructions, will be subject to immediate ejection from the Park without refund.

All guests must behave in a family-friendly, respectful, and courteous manner, and in a manner which is safe for themselves and for others. Violations may result in ejection from certain rides, attractions, areas of the Park, or from the Park itself, without refund or other compensation. They may also result in the Park contacting appropriate law enforcement authorities.  The following is strictly prohibited, subjecting the violator to ejection without refund:

  • Fighting. The Park does not tolerate aggressive or threatening behavior.  This includes fights (physical or verbal), challenges to fight or any threat thereof (whether to an intended victim or comments in general expressing a desire or intent to hurt another person), or any form of physical assault upon or intimidation of another person. You may also be ejected for any pushing, roughness, “chest bumping,” aggressive moves (e.g., clenching fists, getting face-to-face with another, getting into a fighting stance, etc.), or other physically aggressive conduct.
  • Offensive Conduct. We run a family-friendly Park, where people should be civil courteous of one another. Prohibited conduct includes profanity, cursing, making offensive comments or gestures, pushing, spitting, flashing of body parts, and other offensive conduct.
  • Sexual Activity or Misconduct.  Sexual activity, and displays of sexuality, are inappropriate for a family-friendly amusement Park.  Guests may be asked to cease such activity and warned about the possibility of ejection, or they may be ejected without refund (in the Park’s discretion, depending on all factors). In the more offensive and graphic instances, the offending persons may be held for law enforcement.   In any event of reported sexual misconduct, the Park may eject offending persons or hold them for law enforcement depending on all of the facts and circumstances of the alleged misconduct.  In such instances, the alleged victims (or their parent/guardian, if they are minors) will be consulted on whether or not they want law enforcement involved.  However, regardless of a parent/guardian’s wishes, the Park may nonetheless contact appropriate law enforcement authorities if the Park deems it advisable or is required to do so by law.  If minors claim to have been victims of sexual misconduct, and appear to be without a parent/guardian at the Park, then the Park will seek to contact the parents by phone, but  will likely contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities and will also adhere to any mandatory-reporting laws, if any apply.
  • Unruly Behavior. “Horseplay” in any amusement or water Park setting can be dangerous to you and to those around you. Accordingly, all manner of “horseplay” is prohibited, including without limitation, jumping over any objects (benches, fences), diving or jumping into water structures, climbing on trees or structures (buildings, lamp posts, etc.), standing on tables or chairs, climbing up or jumping over barricades and fences, wrestling, playing tag or chasing each other, throwing items (shoes, food, rocks, sticks, rafts or inner tubes, etc.), jumping down stairs, twirling around banisters, gymnastics-like activities (kart wheels, flips, splits, handstands, etc.), or any sports-like activity (throwing a football or Frisbee across crowds, kicking a soccer ball around the Park, etc.). Please walk through the Park (no running), stay on the walkways, and always watch where you are going. Refrain from entering any landscaped areas—landscaped and planted areas such as flower beds are not meant for guests to tread upon! Exercise caution when going up or down stairs, or when traversing any areas with tree roots.
  • Courtesy for the Disabled.  Please respect people with disabilities, the elderly and the infirm, and any areas (seating, parking spaces, etc.)  which may be reserved for them.  Please be patient if you are waiting on line, while we seek to accommodate a guest with special needs.  Courtesy and kindness are appreciated and make life nicer for everyone!
  • Line-Cutting/Line-Saving. Guests may not save places in line for themselves or others; let friends, family, or others later join them in line or take their place in line; push past or bypass others; or leave and return to “their space”.  If you or anyone in your group leaves a line–for whatever reason (including the need to use a restroom), then upon that person’s return, that person must go to the back of the line.  No exceptions. Please understand that in order to prevent chaos, confrontations and unhappy guests, we must enforce these strict rules.
  • Smoking. Smoking of any substance, through any means, is not permitted, including without limitation, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, hookahs, marijuana, bongs or electronic cigarettes.
    • Medical Marijuana? Marijuana is strictly prohibited on premises, whether in the Park or in the parking lots, or anywhere else on, in, or around, Park grounds. If you have a medical marijuana card, this does NOT entitle you to have marijuana on Park grounds. Anyone in possession of marijuana, or using marijuana, will be ejected from the Park.
    • Electronic Cigarettes? No electronic cigarettes are allow in the Park, period. There is no way for the Park to determine what is in such devices, nor whether such a device is actually for “smoking” and not a weapon or some other sort of device. Minimally, electronic cigarettes are annoying and/or a concern to the majority of our customers who do not wish to be subjected to whatever substance people may be “smoking.”
  • Drugs.  Illicit drugs are strictly prohibited.  Authorities may be called for anyone in possession of, using, selling, or distributing, any illicit substances.
  • Property Damage and Theft. Any damage to or destruction of Park property (or the property of another), or theft of any property, will not be tolerated. Offenders will be  may be held for appropriate law enforcement authorities and will be ejected from the Park
  • Diving or Entry into any Decorative Water Feature. Decorative water features may include ponds, streams and fountains, which may be natural or man-made. Entry of any kind into such a decorative water feature is prohibited. Diving, “flops,” flips, or “cannon balls” are prohibited at all times.
  • Entry into Employee-Only and other Non-Guest Areas. Many non-guest areas can pose deadly hazards—do NOT enter these areas! Guests are strictly prohibited from entering any area with obvious signage such as, “EMPLOYEE ONLY,” “NO ACCESS,” “KEEP OUT,” or “DO NOT ENTER.” However, it is also common sense that guests should refrain from entering any maintenance areas, work shops, offices, tool sheds, electrical rooms, ride motor rooms, etc., whether or not such areas are marked with signage. Offenders are subject to immediate ejection from the Park, and where appropriate, such persons may be held for appropriate law enforcement authorities. Parents who allow their minors to engage in such activity will be ejected.

    Violations of the foregoing may (in park’s discretion) subject guests to ejection without refund, or (in the case of criminal acts), being held by Park staff or security until law enforcement arrives and assumes control of a matter.